My name is Tyriel. I love the runes, and love helping folk learn about them. I’ve built this website in order to help you navigate your way around the topic simply, without sacrificing the depth that all spiritual practices require.You’ll find video, spoken word poetry, author comparisons and soon, even music, all so that you can engage the runes on many different levels.

You may or may not be familiar with the Rune Secrets Blog, or its ever-growing¬†Study Community site. This is an extension of those resources, where I will quote and review many authors’ books on the runes, and cover what they’ve said. If you like a particular author’s viewpoint, I’ll link you to Amazon. I encourage you to support these authors because they have spent much of their lives invested in the subject.

I’ll also quote from Wikipedia, to save you the trouble of going there, and include a series of YouTube videos by Sigha, who recites enchanting poetry about each rune.

My own book, “The Book of Rune Secrets“, which was featured on Huffington Post’s Books, is also available on Amazon, and is a great way to dive right into the contemporary understanding of those timeless principles the runes represent.

Of course, no one book is going to cover all your bases. That is why I have assembled a Curriculum of books, all listed on one page. This represents the most popular and ‘sworn by’ books available for the exploration of these ancient symbols. Maybe you’ll recognize a few!

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Tyriel, author of ‘The Book of Rune Secrets