The Curriculum of Rune Magick

I highly encourage you to build your library starting from these sources. A lot of good stuff is out of print, but these books have stood the test of time and/or popularity. All links go to Amazon, where you’ll find more reviews, similar books and pricing information. Enjoy!

Featured on Huffington Post’s Books, The Book of Rune Secrets is taking the ‘net by storm, truly “a timeless well of wisdom & inspiration.” Its author has spoken to hundreds of active rune masters, and thousands of newcomers over the years, as well built a popular blog and community purely surrounding the topic of the runes. This is the one book that you will read again and again as you delve deeper into the meaning of the runes.

This handy little pocket book is aimed at complete beginners, and in that respect does its job quite well. There is basic information on divination, the rune meanings and magick. If you outgrow it quickly, that’s may only be a testament to how effective a learning aid Peschel’s book is.

Freya Aswynn is worth her weight in gold. Though many of her works are out of print, fortunately the soul of her work can still be located in Northern Mysteries and Magick. If you can get her other ones used, you’ll be all the richer for it.

Paxson is very devoted to the runes and her bestselling book, Taking Up The Runes, is a thick, extensive survey of the popular literature on the subject. She frequently references many of the authors on this curriculum, and her book is organized as to contrast the rune meanings with one another. She spends a lot of time in the second half on the topic of spells, rituals, divination and magic. This book is definitely one to own.

These three books are probably the harshest of the historical, filled with ‘hard facts’ and the scorn of scholars. Beware, ye ‘fluffy new agers’ of the reality sandwich in store for you here. But don’t be intimidated. No one truly interested in the runes can pass up an opportunity to see what evidence the archaeologists and historians have to work with. To be fair, I think these bunch are hard on the spiritual and magickal-minded folk. After all, there is evidence that the runes were used for divination (Germania by Tacitus), and why not? However, no perspective on the runes is complete without at least adding the Rune Primer and Runes (Reading the Past) to your library.

Another historical book, Runic Amulets and Magic Objects is hardcover, and fully illustrated, a beautiful vision and a fascinating read. This may put a dent in your wallet, but it is just about one of the most highly recommended books on the artifacts that the runes show up on over the millennia.

Edred Thorsson’s work has been so successful that many swear his is the only valid perspective , period. Naturally this is not the case, however, he does know what he’s talking about. To engage in ‘serious’ conversation about the runes today, familiarity with Thorsson’s work is virtually a requirement. The Nine Doors of Midgard was the handbook for his organization, the Rune-Gild, and Futhark doesn’t pull any punches as it delves unapologetically into esoteric lore.

Edred Thorsson is Stephen E. Flowers’ pen name when writing about magick, but this work is a translation of Guido von List’s infamous book, which is often cited as having inspired the Nazi’s to warp the runes to their own purposes. Regardless, it is important to know what is influenced to this very day by the contents of this book — but beware! It’s influence is corrupting. Not for the feint of heart.

Some people detest Ralph Blum due to his popularity in bookstores, his little plastic rune sets, and his absolute inaccuracy when it comes to rune meanings. However, this is also the book that many people started with. Taking a look at The Book of Runes, 25th Anniversary Edition, I qualify this as a good investment, because it will help you understand the creativity and imagination we are all allowed to exercise when it comes to interpreting the runes, and at very least, help you understand where most new students of the runes are coming from.

Other great treasures:

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