Hagalaz: "Hail"

Spellings: hagalaz, hagl, haegl, hagall

Translations: hail(-stone), hail

Hail is the whitest of grains       it comes from high in heaven.
a shower of wind hurls it,       then it turns to water.
~ Old English Rune Poem 

The Book of Rune Secrets says:

KEY CONCEPTS: crisis, catastrophe, hardship, the indifference of nature, chaos, radical change, unavoidable unpleasantness, the unalterable, acceptance, surrender, courage

“… Many people try to put a positive spin on Hagalaz, but Hagalaz transcends our sense of morality, right or wrong, good or bad. It doesn’t care, it doesn’t make sense, and it can be exceptionally violent…”

“… Hagalaz is the first in a row of runes that represent the inhuman indifference of the universe….”

“… Gaining power over this energy does not mean commanding storms, nor becoming a sole agent of radical change. It lay in accepting that which we cannot change — adapting where we can, and surrendering where we cannot… This forgiving of the unalterable is a force of radical change in and of itself, and it is the secret that Hagalaz reveals to us…”

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Alternate Rune Meanings for Divination & Alchemy:

Edred Thorsson says:

Hagalaz – Change according to ideals, controlled crisis, completion, inner harmony; or catastrophe, crisis, stagnation, loss of power, loss of prosperity.

LORE: Rune of crisis and catastrophe. Condensation of powers into a seed-form from which further developments, positive or negative become possible.

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Freya Aswynn says:

Hagalaz: The uncontrolled forces in the unconscious, which ar eusually of a disruptive nature and which usually originate in the past.

MAGIC: “Signifies the realm of Hel or the underworld and one’s personal unconscious. This rune can be successfully employed for negative magic of a feminine nature — the darker side of witchcraft. It can create confusion and disruption… In a spell for vengeance, this rune can be used to turn someone’s past against him or her, or to invoke his or her wyrd.”

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