Spellings: inguz, ingwaz, engus or iggws, ing, Ing, Yngvi

Translations: the Earth-god Ing, the god Ing, a man, Yngvi (name of Freyr), seed

Ing was first      among the East-Danes
seen by men       until he again eastward
went over the wave;       the wain followed on;
this is what the warriors       called the hero.

~ Old English Rune Poem 

The Book of Rune Secrets says:

KEY CONCEPTS: replication, creation, conscious generation, inner-child, the core pattern + algorithms (eg. DNA), wholeness, symmetry, planned bursts, isolation, incubation, gestation

“… Inguz represents a simple but complex idea — that of the seed… that part of life which implicitly copies, varies and selects in order to produce, in the most simple way possible, infinite and awesome complexity…”

“… Inguz, or “ing”, is in our language today. We use ‘ing’ when we speak of ‘doing’, as in ‘sitting’ or ‘running’ or ‘thinking’, which are active processes, not objects. In our language we are object-centric. We focus on the noun. Adopting the secrets of Inguz allows us to become process-centric, so that we may see the world and Life as verbs…”

“… Harnessing the energy of Inguz for our purposes requires that we become conscious of the ways in which a small seed ca be planted in the right environment, or nurtured, into a powerful new mode of being…”

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Alternate Rune Meanings for Divination & Alchemy:

Edred Thorsson says:

Inguz – Resting, gestation, internal growth; or impotence, scattering, movement without change.

LORE: Rune of isolation or separation in order to create a space or place where the process of transformation into higher states of being can occur. Rune of gestation and internal growth.

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Freya Aswynn says:

Inguz: Integration; gestation; expectations; progeny.

MAGIC: “…the magical use of this rune is to integrate various components into a whole…”

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