Kenaz: "Torch"

Spellings: kenaz, kaunaz, kusma, cen, kaun, ken

Translations: torch, sore, swelling, knowledge

Torch is to every living person       known by its fire
it is clear and bright       it usually burns
when the noble-men       rest inside the hall.
~ Old English Rune Poem 

The Book of Rune Secrets says:

KEY CONCEPTS: Knowledge, art, learning, teaching, discovery, science, research, illumination, traditional lore, observation, cognitive faculty, quest for the truth, cunning, craft

“… Kenaz represents torchlight, our ability to harness fire for warmth, light and crafting. The torch and hearth, are old concepts for us now… Kenaz also represents the forge, the fire of crafting. In the context of following Raidho, Kenaz can signify a lighthouse or signal fire — something to guide the journeyer safely on their way.”

“… Ken means ‘to know’ in many related languages….”

“… The energy of Kenaz flows from illumination toward investigating hidden regions. It manifests as our desire to learn, to teach and to know the truth. We feel the fire it represents very strongly when we discovery we’ve been lied to, and that fire fuels the further pursuit of truth…”

The Book of Rune Secrets is available on Amazon. Also, there is a free lesson about Kenaz on the Study Community.

Alternate Rune Meanings for Divination & Alchemy:

Edred Thorsson says:

Kenaz – Artistic or technical ability, craft, transformation, off-spring; or disease, decay, break-up, inability, lack of creativity.

LORE: Rune of creativity and of technical ability to shape things in the objective and subjective worlds. The rune of art.

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Freya Aswynn says:

Kenaz: Opening up of new ways; opportunities; information.

MAGIC: “Kinship, learning and teaching — the quest for knowledge and the passing on of this knowledge through successive generations. The practical magical use of this rune is in gaining occult knowledge from other planes. Kenaz can thus be used for astral or shamanic travel… as a beacon to light the way and enable safe return to everyday consciousness… Kenaz can be used to expose all that is hidden.”

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