Raidho: "Ride"

Spellings: raidho, raidha, rad, reidh

Translations: a wagon; riding; ride; way; journey; chariot; thunder clap

Riding is in the hall       to every warrior
easy, but very hard       for one who sits up
on a powerful horse       over miles of road.
~ Old English Rune Poem 

The Book of Rune Secrets says:

KEY CONCEPTS: the journey, taking action, decision-making, inner compass, nobility held by merit, innate knowledge of right and wrong, psychological narrative, street smarts, common sense

“… The magic of Raidho revolves around merit rather than persuasion or popularity. When something “speaks for itself”, we are referring to just such directness….”

“… Street-smarts are a brand of wisdom that Raidho inherently cultivates, because the secret of Raidho is to dissolve what we’ve been told and experience the reality beneath for ourselves, for better or for worse….”

“… This rune’s flow of energy surges forward. It is the energy of movement and change. Harnessing it consciously allows us to take control of our destiny from the unconscious factors that would have us float idly to and fro with the tide…”

The Book of Rune Secrets is available on Amazon. Also, there is a free lesson about Raidho on the Study Community.

Alternate Rune Meanings for Divination & Alchemy:

Edred Thorsson says:

Raidho – Rationality, good advice, action, justice, ordered growth, journey; or crisis, rigidity, stasis, injustice, irrationality.

LORE: Rune of ordered change and progress. Rune of rationality and right order (which is a dynamic process) in the world.

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Freya Aswynn says:

Raido: What is right or not right; what move to make; decisions; returns.

MAGIC: “Lends the ability to control and take initiatives. This rune contains the power to control a situation, to put things in order and make them subject to one’s will…”

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Freya Aswynn says: