Wunjo: "Joy"

Spellings: wunjo, winja, wynn, vend

Translations: joy; pasture; pleasure; hope

Joy is had       by the one who knows few troubles,
pains or sorrows,     and to him who himself has,
power and blessedness,       and also the plenty of towns. 
~Old English Rune Poem

The Book of Rune Secrets says:

KEY CONCEPTS: Fellowship, harmonious groups, leadership, connection, understanding, celebration of life, play

“… Wunjo is a rune that recognizes joy as our most powerful human desire… despite what some people think, most people are caring and wish they understood the roots of sufering so that they could alleviate it all around them…”

“… Wunjo is commonly interpreted as the joy that emerges from meaningful face to face connections with family, friends and community; in other words, the tribe… the excitement and freshness of meeting new friends, and experiencing different ways of life. It is strangers able to smile freely at one another. Its energy can sometimes be felt as a ‘click’ when two people meet and suddenly see eye to eye…”

“… Wunjo is an excess of energy that spends itself living life as a celebration, every day as your first and your last…Life is good. Wunjo is to know and feel this above and despite everything. It is the lightness of being, which children tend to have. It is a powerful form of freedom.”

The Book of Rune Secrets is available on Amazon. Also, there is a free lesson about Wunjo on the Study Community.

Alternate Rune Meanings for Divination & Alchemy:

Edred Thorsson says:

Wunjo – Joy, harmony, fellowship, prosperity; or stultification, sorrow, strife, alienation.

LORE: Rune of pleasure and a feeling of harmony within the self and in the society in which you find yourself. The rune of well-being.

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Freya Aswynn says:

Wunjo: Gain; accomplishments; that which is wished for.

MAGIC: “Used to realize the true will and to act in accordance with it. One of the oldest concepts of this rune is wishing. Wunjo also expresses the will to win. The force of this rune is the power of exerting the will. It is a very magical rune, since all magic has to do with the operation and exertion of the will.”

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